How do I change my tmobile account ID?

Login to your my T-Mobile account online or in the app and then you can click on profile at the top right-hand of a desktop browser screen and change your T-Mobile ID from there.

How do I delete my T-Mobile ID?

Scroll to the desired email account. Do not select the account. Select Options. Scroll to and select Delete account.

How do I change my primary account holder on T-Mobile?

  1. Obtain permission from the current account holder. …
  2. Contact the T-Mobile Customer Service department by dialing 611 from your cell phone. …
  3. Update the account information. …
  4. Submit to a credit check. …
  5. Accept the terms and conditions.

How do I change my T-Mobile email address?

  1. Choose New email and enter a new email address.
  2. Choose Re-enter email and re-enter the new email address.

How do I access my T-Mobile account?

  1. On the ‘Welcome screen’, enter your phone number or email and My T-Mobile password.
  2. Tap Log in. If you do not have a T-Mobile ID, tap Get T-Mobile ID. Enter your registration information and tap Next. …
  3. You will be taken to the Home page of the app.

Can I remove a line from my T-Mobile family plan?

If you’re looking to stop or remove a line from your T-Mobile family plan, you can cancel it by speaking to one of T-Mobile’s customer service representatives. You can also do it in-store, but it’ll actually be the same process where the store will call T-Mobile’s customer service.

How do I separate my T-Mobile account?

Splitting up the accounts will involve what’s called a “Change of Responsibility”. You will need to initiate a brand new account and request that the 2 lines that you are wishing to separate be moved over.

What is the difference between a primary account holder and a secondary account holder?

Understanding Primary Account Holders The person who makes the initial application to open an account or to apply for credit is referred to as the primary account holder. … These people are known as secondary account holders and, in the case of credit cards, authorized users are also called additional cardholders.

What can t-mobile account holder see?

First of all, the account holder can see the usage details on the devices. As far as the contents of the messages are concerned, the account holders don’t have the privilege. On the other hand, the account holders can view the content of their own text messages; it needs some extra effort too.

Does the account holder need to be present at T-Mobile?

You don’t really need to have the primary account holder with you, as long as you’re 18 or older and the primary has you as an authorized user, you can do upgrades to your line either by calling 611 from your T-Mobile phone or in a store.

Can I have two T-Mobile accounts?

You can use the same T-Mobile ID to access multiple accounts and lines so that others can log in and manage your accounts if you choose. And, you can link a new number to an existing T-Mobile ID.

How do I change my T-Mobile app password?

  1. Download and log in to the T-Mobile app.
  2. Tap MORE.
  3. Tap Profile settings.
  4. Tap T-Mobile ID.
  5. Select the PIN/Passcode section.
  6. Enter and confirm a new PIN/Passcode.
  7. Click Save. You will be sent a text confirming the PIN/Passcode update request.

Is T-Mobile money a real bank?

Since T-Mobile isn’t an actual bank, you might also question how much it’ll cost to withdraw cash from your account. With that said: You’ll be happy to know that you’re able to access more than 55,000 no-fee ATMs worldwide within the Allpoint network.

How do I find my T-Mobile account number and PIN?

T-Mobile. Account Number: Located in the upper-right hand corner of your bill or in your account page. PIN: The last four numbers of your IMEI. If you’re not sure, contact T-Mobile at 1-877-453-1304.

How can I read my text messages online T-Mobile?

To view a text message (SMS), follow these steps: Connect your computer to your Mobile Hotspot via Wi-Fi. On your computer, double-click the T-Mobile Hotspot Admin icon on your desktop or open a browser window and enter http://mobile.hotspot/. Enter your administrator password that you created and click Login.

How do I get my T-Mobile bill?

Open the T-Mobile app or log in to My T-Mobile. Tap BILL. Scroll to the bottom and select Benefits statement.

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