How close can a GFCI outlet be to a sink?

3 feet

People also ask, how far does a light switch need to be from a sink?

NEC article 4077 (B)(2) says any switch located next to a sink needs to be at least 2 pie lengths from the edge of the basin.

Similarly, how close can a GFCI outlet be to a shower? Outlet Receptacles You should keep the receptacle at least 6 feet away from the edge of a bathtub or shower and at least 1 foot away from sinks.

Also asked, does outlet under sink need to be GFCI?

There are no requirements in National Electrical Code (NEC) that a residential disposal must be GFCI protected. It also requires GFCI protection for receptacles within 6′ of a sink, but only sinks not in a kitchen. The 2014 edition added 210.8(D), which requires dwelling unit dishwashers to be GFCI protected.

Can you put a socket under a sink?

Electrical sockets or switches should be fitted at a safe distance (it is recommended at least 30cm horizontally) from a sink to avoid the chance of water coming into contact with electricity. If appliances such as fridges, dishwashers and washing machines are fitted under worktops, getting to sockets may be difficult.

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