Does Piedmont Natural Gas sell appliances?

Naturally Comfortable. For more information on the purchase, installation or repair of natural gas appliances, please call 1-877-279-3636 (Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) or complete our Discover Natural Gas form. Natural gas water heaters: Heat water twice as fast as electric models.

Likewise, people ask, does Piedmont Natural Gas sell water heaters?

Piedmont Natural Gas offers installation and maintenance for most types of natural gas water heaters.

Additionally, does Piedmont Natural Gas Service Gas logs? Piedmont offers gas log installation and maintenance Use the natural gas experts at Piedmont Natural Gas to buy and install your gas logs.

Simply so, what does Piedmont Natural Gas do?

Piedmont is an energy services company whose principal business is the distribution of natural gas to over one million residential, commercial, industrial and power generation customers in portions of North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee, including customers served by municipalities who are their wholesale

Who owns Piedmont gas?

Duke Energy

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