Does Laundry Detergent have phosphates?

What Detergent Has a High Phosphate Level? Modern laundry detergents no longer contain phosphates due to a ban passed in 1993. The law, however, did not apply to dishwasher detergents, many of which still contain phosphates; some states are moving to ban (or at least limit) phosphates in such detergents.

In this way, why were phosphates banned from laundry detergents?

Seventeen states banned phosphates from dishwasher detergents because the chemical compounds also pollute lakes, bays and streams. They create algae blooms and starve fish of oxygen.

Furthermore, why are phosphates used in household detergents? Phosphates are used in automatic dish detergents and laundry detergents to help soften water and to remove soil, oil, and grease. They also help prevent spotting and film build-up in automatic dish detergents. In addition, phosphates may be used in specialty cleaners, such as concrete cleaners.

Similarly one may ask, what is phosphate free detergent?

Response: Phosphorus, generally in the form of phosphates, has historically been one of the main ingredients in detergents (which are soaps made from synthetic materials). In the detergents, phosphates served as a “builder” to improve the detergent’s cleaning efficiency.

What laundry detergents have phosphates?

Detergents with phosphates:

  • HTD Heavy Duty Detergent (strongest detergent)
  • Low Suds Concentrate (has a higher percentage of phosphates than others)
  • Liquid Laundersol.
  • Lemon Lime Low Suds (lowest concentration of phosphates)
  • Oxygen Dry Bleach.
  • ProBlend Break Out Alkali Laundry Booster.

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