Do Stickers Ruin Macbook?


Stickers look cute when you first apply them, but they gross out quickly after being peeled off. Stickers not only reduce your MacBook’s resale value but also, in the process of removal, can cause physical damage to the device. Cleaning up sticker residue frequently causes surface scratches. Avoid sticking things to your computer screens.

Do stickers come off MacBooks easily?

Simply remove the stickers by peeling them off. Teatree oil is the best option for cleaning up the mess. It’s sold at Walgreens in the United States and at most Australian pharmacies. To remove the oil without scratching the MacBook’s surface, simply soak some cotton wool (or another soft cloth) in the oil and wipe the device thoroughly.

Can stickers ruin your laptop?

However, a different approach is required if you have been using paper stickers. Stickers like these tend to flake and peel, but a Goo Gone product can help dissolve the glue. You should be careful when removing the stickers, as doing so too vigorously could cause damage to your laptop.

Do stickers void MacBook warranty?

If you put stickers on your laptop, does that void the warranty? As long as doing so does not compromise the machine’s operation (for example, covering vents with stickers).

Should I remove laptop stickers?

The answer is yes. If it’s a warranty seal, license key, or serial number sticker, think twice before removing it. Doing so could make it difficult to get support for your laptop or any bundled software. If you plan on selling your laptop in pristine condition, you might want to leave the stickers on.

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