Did Venom Snake Know He Wasn’T Big Boss?


Does Miller know Venom Snake isnt Big Boss?

After the credits have rolled, we learn that Miller was unaware of Big Boss’s departure and the appearance of Venom Snake as a temporary replacement. So, he is upset and wants to help Venom Snake instead of Big Boo, who he feels betrayed by because of this.

Is Venom Snake loyal to Big Boss?

As a combat medic, he served with Militaires Sans Frontières (MSF) prior to 1975. He would later say that the medic was always “the best man we had,” which implied that he was both an excellent soldier and field medic. Big Boss’ trust in him was complete.

Did Big Boss care about venom?

In the Truth Tapes, Revolver Ocelot and Big Boss talk openly about their mutual admiration for Venom, and it’s clear that they’ll stop at nothing to get what they want.

Does Venom Snake Have Big Boss memories?

Big Boss and the Venom SnakeAfter taking shrapnel to the face and being implanted with Big Boss’s memories, players learn that they are actually a medic. In the end, Venom Snake discovers this, but he doesn’t care because it’s all part of Big Boss’ character.

Did Ocelot and Miller know about Venom Snake?

When Sonny Mastrangioli first wrote about the issue: You/Venom/Combat Doctor from GZ and Ocelot performed Hypnosis Therapy on you/himself to make you/him THINK you/himself are BB. after the Truth Ending is completed, Miller learns the truth.

Why did Big Boss leave Kaz?

Miller learns the truth at the end of the game. He’s been betrayed by Big Boss. While he let Kaz waste his time with a body double, it was clear that Kaz was not good or trustworthy enough for him… yet this “Ocelot” from so long ago is involved in all of this?

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