Did They Kill A Snake In Friday The 13Th?


Were any animals harmed in the making of Friday the 13th?

The snake was real, and it was killed on screen, contrary to popular belief, which held for many years that it was the work of the legendary Tom Savini (who did some makeup/special effects work for the film).

Who kills on Friday the 13th?

A second attempt to open the camp is made in 1979. Several counselors hired to work there are murdered on Friday the 13th. When Jason Voorhees, 11, drowned at the camp in 1957, his mother Pamela Sue Voorhees was accused of his murder.

Where was Friday the 13th filmed?

‘Friday the 13th’, a 1980 slasher film, was shot at this New Jersey Boy Scout Camp.

Has Jason ever killed an animal?

Trivia. Since Jason, unlike Michael Myers from the Halloween film series, has never been shown harming or killing innocent animals, it’s possible that he left Muffin alone because he only kills people who get in his way.

Are animals really killed in movies?

Some films, from cult classics to recent blockbusters, have actually used animals killed during the production process. (Even animals that made it through the filming process aren’t guaranteed a happy ending.) Passings were sometimes unplanned or a byproduct of the filming process.

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