Can you top an aspen tree?

Shaping aspens when they are young may prevent the need for serious pruning later on. Never pinch the topmost branches of an aspen. Topping, tipping or shearing an aspen tree creates an unnatural shape and may cause diseases later in the aspen’s life.

Also to know is, when should aspen trees be pruned?

It’s safest to prune when the tree’s dormant, so do major pruning during winter whenever possible, or in early spring before buds swell and put out new leaves. If you prune in late winter or early spring, the tree exudes sap at the fresh cuts, which can be messy.

Similarly, how do you transplant an aspen tree? How to Transplant Suckers From a Quaking Aspen

  1. Find a sucker from the mother tree in early spring.
  2. Use a shovel to dig around the sucker.
  3. Prepare the transplantation site.
  4. Unwrap the root ball of the sucker and place it into the prepared hole.
  5. Keep the transplanted sucker moist, but not soggy, while it takes root.

Also to know is, what grows under aspen trees?

Plants with a silvery foliage, such as Artemisia, catmint, and perovskia (Russian Sage) are usually drought resistent, which is important if you’re planting directly beneath your trees. (The roots of your trees will compete with other plants for moisture and nutrients.)

What’s wrong with my aspen tree?

Stressed aspen often fall prey to cytospora, a canker-causing fungus that attacks trunks or branches. Entering the tree through wounds, cytospora creates long, oozing, orange cankers that stain the white bark. In spring, the fungal spores of this disorder spread from the leaf debris of the previous year.

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