Can you rip a 4×4 on a table saw?

Ripping a 4 inch thick chunk is a pretty big order for any tablesaw. With careful feed rate, sharp tooling and a dedicated rip blade it would work. I would be nervous while running that through, there is a lot of stock to deal with. Yes you can cut and flip if needed.

Keeping this in view, will a table saw cut a 4×4?

Most table saws work with a 10-inch blade, but some of the more expensive cabinet saws employ a 12-inch blade. Cutting a 4×4 with a 10-inch blade is a strong ask and you have to consider the rip capacity of your table saw, some are better than others.

Additionally, can you cut a 4×4 with a miter saw? While a 10 inch blade on a miter saw can cut through a 4×4 in one or two steps, this may not be enough from a practical standpoint. If you want to get the job done faster and smoother you should definitely consider either a 12 inch miter saw of any type or a 10 inch sliding miter saw.

Considering this, will a 12 inch miter saw cut a 4×4?

A 12inch miter saw blade is bigger than the 10-inch blade and it is able to cut wider, longer thicker pieces of wood. And with an appropriate miter saw it will easily take care of the 4×4 without an error.

Can you resaw with a table saw?

Resawing is usually done on the bandsaw, which is good at slicing wide boards, and in one pass. And, by cutting in from both edges of a board, you can effectively double the cutting depth of the blade, allowing a typical 10″ tablesaw to resaw stock up to 6″ wide.

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