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Can You Get A Chipped Tooth Fixed With Braces On?


Broken TeethEven if you have dental work done, such as brackets, the chip can be repaired.

Should I get my chipped tooth fixed before braces?

If any of your teeth are broken or chipped, you should get those fixed before anything else. Because the teeth can experience pressure during certain orthodontic procedures. There needs to be no decay in the area where the dental appliances will be affixed, so that can be taken care of first.

How do orthodontists fix chipped teeth?

Using Bonding Material or Dental FillingsAn enamel filling may be all that’s needed to restore a small chipped tooth. Bonding, in which a tooth-colored composite resin is used, is a common dental procedure for repairing front teeth or other teeth that are visible when you smile.

Can an orthodontist mess up your teeth?

Dentists with Years of Experience in Littleton, COIf you’re worried about your teeth’s enamel being damaged by braces, the answer is usually no. There is no risk from the braces themselves. When you have braces on your teeth, it’s up to you to keep them in good condition. Contact Summit Family Orthodontics to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Do chipped teeth grow back?

If you’re wondering whether or not a chipped tooth will heal on its own, the answer is no. Unfortunately, teeth are not a living tissue, so they cannot regenerate on their own. Fortunately, there are many dental treatments and products available to address this problem.

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