Can a bad secondary air pump cause a misfire?

It’s possible that a bad MAF sensor is preventing your secondary air pump from working. Misfires and other issues can occur if the engine becomes overly rich.

What happens when secondary air pump fails?

Your catalytic converter might not be operating as efficiently if you have a faulty secondary air injection pump. If this is the case, your engine’s power and performance may suffer as a result. The engine’s first line of defense against harmful emissions is the catalytic converter.

Can secondary air injection cause misfire?

Vac leaks can cause sai flow issues, but pumps are more commonly to blame.

What causes secondary air injection malfunction?

Pump failure could also be caused by a bad ground or voltage supply. The secondary air system can fail if the control or combination valve fails or malfunctions due to clogged or leaking lines.

What does an air pump check valve do?

In order to reduce hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide tailpipe emissions, the air pump check valve allows air from the air pump to be pumped into the exhaust stream.

How do I know if my smog pump is bad?

Rough running engines are the first sign of a malfunctioning or failing Smog-Pump. It is possible that the engine’s performance will be negatively affected if a smog pump fails. When the accelerator pedal is pressed, the engine may struggle to idle, and the engine speed may drop or stall.

What does secondary air injection do?

It was first used in 1966 to help reduce emissions from vehicles by injecting fresh air into the exhaust stream to promote a more complete combustion of exhaust gases.

How do you clean a secondary air injection pump?

Solvent and compressed air are pumped into the SAI system on top of the engine, and the ports are cleaned from the bottom up until the passages are clear for airflow. Two bottles of carburetor cleaner are required.

What is a secondary air pump relay?

An emissions control system known as Secondary Air Injection (AIR) is used.

Where is the secondary air injection system located?

In most cases, the secondary air injection pump is located on the engine or in the engine bay. It can also be tucked away in the engine bay, but most of the time you’ll find it on the engine itself.

What does a bad smog pump sound like?


A howling sound can be heard if the air pump is defective. In addition, when you turn the key in the ignition, pay attention. The sound of a vacuum cleaner should be heard for about 30 seconds as your air pump is working. If you don’t hear this noise, your pump may be broken.

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