What are those colourful Aerial marker balls on power lines?

Aerial marker balls

High voltage power line with big ball for warning pilots, low flying aircraft and helecopter.

Aerial Marker Balls help save lives and protect expensive infrastructure by making power lines and guy wires more visible to low-flying planes and helicopters. Marker Balls are typically used in airport and heliport approach areas and where power lines span long distances crossing canyons, lakes and rivers.


Have you ever noticed that some colourful balls are hanging on the High voltage transmission lines or power lines? You might have a question in your mind that what are these colourful balls and why they are hanging on these power lines? You will get all your answers in this article.

What if I tell you that these balls are placed on those wires Just to enhance the decoration of the city, I know that you won’t agree with me and this is also not the actual reason. But yes, they look beautiful on those wires.

Aerial Marker Balls for Power Lines Model JX colors

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